Quibbli was born from a desire to build toys that are fun for the whole family. The founders met while studying a Masters Degree in Entrepreneurship and found common ground in the need to make toys that are engaging for adults and kids alike. In a world driven by technology, too many precious moments are lost to screen time. Quibbli reintroduces timeless educational toys to families, with a hint of tech. We encourage creativity as children free-build tiny worlds. Every playscape can be unique and a tiny world can grow or be reinvented, depending on the mood or holiday. For us, every minute family and friends spend together interacting in the real world, is a minute worth working for.

Meet The Team


Sandra du Plessis

Sandra is an Industrial Engineer, former corporate Executive, Artist, Lecturer and mom. She has a Masters Degree in Entrepreneurship and is known to solve problems, build solutions and make things happen. 


Brett Sigworth

Brett is an Educator and lifelong Entrepreneur.  He has opened 15+ businesses across multiple industries and loves to focus on big picture ideas and seeing them come to fruition.


Speck Design

Speck Design is a recognized
top product design company, industrial design firm, product development agency and creative consultancy. They'll be managing the relationships with manufacturers to ensure we deliver top quality products.