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When I was a kid I would debate with my mom:  Why can't my toys move and come to life? 

As an adult that idea stuck in my head and I dared to share it with a few people.  To my surprise it was met with excitement, we talked for hours about how to make better toys and how to bring them to life.

I miss that feeling I had as a child, like anything was possible and everything was new and exciting, wonderment is the closest word I can find to describe it.  How can we bottle that feeling up and share it?

Our founding team has 7 children between us, so THE WHY in this case was pretty simple.

We want to build amazing toys that allow children to express pure joy that can be shared.


  We want to create moments of wonderment. 

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We started this company 3 years ago with the goal of bringing children's toys to life. 


We were naive to the difficulties and capital requirements for a project like this.  


We were able to create a working prototype of our technology and filed for a patent pending.  This was a BIG accomplishment, we are going somewhere!


But....the next step for our technical development would require millions of dollars.  How could we ever get that much money for the stage we were at?


We felt stuck! Who would invest in this concept at such an early stage?  How could we get capital to continue?



We decided to focus on developing a world that our technical product could bring to life at a later stage.  What would that world look like we wondered?

We hired product development companies (yes plural), to bring our ideas to reality.  But...that went poorly, we struggled remotely to get our concepts from our heads on to paper.  We spent a lot of time and money! 

Then came...a bit of luck!


We hired an internal graphic designer who later became one of our partners in the company.  He just "got it".  No, that's not even fair, he more than "got it" he brought so much passion combined with artistic talent that the project took off!

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Well just take a look.  We have so many big things planned! 

New styles and designs, new characters, monsters, and heros and on we go!

We are going to have carts kid's can build and roads they can connect to their worlds.  Quibbli can grow with children as they develop and want to make their worlds more elaborate.

What should we make next?  Drop us a message with your may just see it turn into concept art!

What should we make next?


We built a small team of passionate people with unique experiences to collaborate on a common goal: Make amazing and engaging children's toy products.


Brett is a lifelong entrepreneur who has opened 16 businesses across several segments including (medical, QSR, real estate and product development) He holds a Masters in Entrepreneurship and has lectured at Bentley University sharing his passion for entrepreneurship. He is a judge for MassChallenge and is active in the startup community.


Dave brings to the team a deep sentiment and desire to help children flourish. Having owned and operated a school for 6 years, he understands the importance of fostering creativity as well as managing a team. Dave has an additional 10 years experience as a forensic accountant and holds a Master’s Degree in Accounting from Suffolk University,


Josh holds a BS in game design, is a disabled veteran and has Masters in art education from Massachusetts College of Art and Design. He is a gifted artist with talents in illustration, 3D design, animation and more. He brings his excitement and vision to Quibbli’s products and has created design and art styles that children love and respond to.


Jaime Nichol is the founder of Gyroscope, a technical leader with a PHD from Stanford in Mechanical Engineering with Post Doctoral work in Robotics at MIT. He is leading the technical development of “Q Live” product.

Want to Invest?  Download the deck and shoot us an email.  Lets set up a time to chat!





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