About Us

What inspired this fun, unique super silly project?

Brett and Dave are college friends that both have young children at home.  They wanted to make more engaging toys for their children and others.  They started with a simple idea, what if we can create a world that comes to life.  Through that passion they were able to find a system that would work, and they used Lego to test their system.  Then they thought, people already love Lego so what if we can bring that to life, and Quibbli was born.  Through this passion other products and ideas have been created, and they plan to continue to bring new, exciting, STEAM toys to the children's market.   Quibbli has some pretty big things coming up! 

Yellow Slime Fun

Our Story

Brett had the original idea for bringing a world to life in 3rd grade, and this is one of those ideas that just stuck with him throughout his life.  He would always argue with his mom why couldn't his toys really move?  And as technology has advanced he is now able to focus on a solution to his own question.  How do we make toys more engaging for young minds? 


The answer:

We bring them to life! 

Meet The Team